How to Make with us....

If you are a maker and can provide making assistance, we want you to help if possible... currently we are asking new makers to register with Make4Covid which is a larger Colorado Initiative to supply face shields (and more) to the same facilities as us. We are currently at capacity for our supply chain and prints from our current makers will be directing to Make4Covid as well.

Information Needed for 3D Printing:

  • Your time is donated, and materials too if you wish, we appreciate your time however!!
  • Download this .zip collection of Prusa RC2 and RC3 STL Files - (ZIPPED 1.3MB) - Please read the Make4Covid printing design guidelines to see what their requirements are for contributions!
  • PETG is preferred material
  • Suggested printing at .3mm layer height and 20% infill
  • Approximate print time is 2.5 hours per set
  • Parts must be printed with minimal warping, good layer adhesion and the front shield pegs and elastic pegs are the MOST important part. Other parts are less important for a usable print.
  • Coordinate with Make4Covid on thier current drop off locations - I believe this is the master link!

Material Supply:

The face shield is made of 4 parts...

  1. Top Head Band (YOU PRINT THIS) - This is the largest 3D printed part, it takes approx 2 hours to print. This is that part that needs to have the best quality.
  2. Bottom Reinforcement (YOU PRINT THIS) - This clips onto the face shield to simply re-inforce the shield and give it some curve. It is much smaller and is unlikely to fail as long as you have good bed contact.
  3. Face Shield/Visor (WE SUPPLY THIS) - We are using 0.5mm PETG material currently, we have 100 laser cut and ready to go with material for 500 shields en route. The Fort Collins Creator Hub Laser Cutter is able to take full 4'x8' sheets and cut them down to 50 face shields. This will be our plan moving forward and we will be leaning on the Fort Collins Creator Hub to be the primary driver for this work.
  4. Elastic Bands (WE SUPPLY THIS) - This is ironically one of the more challenging aspects of this design. 1" or 3/4" Buttonhole elastic is getting hard to come by online and we have minimal amounts. Elastic is also not easy to sanitize. We are investigating other stretchy materials that could be laser cut but there are lots of complexities. They can be cut on smaller lasers however so if you have a home laser perhaps this is an area you can help with as well. We need protypes cut and tested, please contact us if you want to assist.

Registered Maker Volunteers: